Our Summer Program (July and August)

2010 Summer Program Curriculum

Saturday mornings: History of the Southern Freedom Movement
Saturday afternoons: Discussion and activities of the morning's history around SFFS themes--the importance to the creation of social movements of: historical conditions; nonviolence; analsysis of power structures; the arts; community building; coalition building; and individual relationships.
Weekday evening: (tbd) to discuss relevant and immediate applications of the history of the previous Saturday to today.
Films: We watch documentaries and docudramas to learn the historical context and understand the issues.
Guest Speakers: Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement talk to us about their experience and what their participation in the Freedom Struggle meant to them. Or we hear others with experience on the topic of the day.
Discussion or Activities: We provide time for participants to interact with the guest speakers as well as use "open space technology" and a "parking lot" to create small group discussions during and outside of the Saturday session. At times, we have also played games or participated in role plays that were followed by debriefing discussions that teased out the issues illustrated in the activities.
Pot Luck Lunch: This allows the Saturday group to grow as a community.

Media Resource Library: We have a significant collection of films and books that we lend out for free.

Past Programs 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005


Transcripts of Guest Speakers ( these are incomplete...we need volunteers to help us transcribe our video and audio recordings. [for information on who the civil right veteran speakers are go the "speakers list" on the CRM vets web site and then scroll down to "California"]

Transcripts of 2008 Summer Program
July 12: Setting the Stage (partial)-- Jean Wiley (SNCC, Maryland, Alabama)

Transcripts 2005 Summer program (incomplete)
July 9: Setting the Stage -- Jean Wiley (SNCC, Maryland, Alabama) and Don Jelinek (LCDC, SNCC, SRRP, Alabama, Mississippi)
July 16: Local Leadership -- Mike Miller (SNCC, Mississippi):
Situation Paper - for role play; Mike Part I Historical Context of SNCC in Mississippi; Mike Part II - The Role Play (partial)
August 6: Key Concepts of Nonviolent Direct Action-- Bruce Hartford (CORE, SCLC, Alabama, Mississippi)