152 Church Street, SF,CA (Parish Hall of St. Francis Lutheran Church)


Each Saturday session is designed so it is independent of the others, yet, each session naturally builds upon the one that comes before it. It is not required to attend every session.

JULY 9, Setting the stage: Segregation and the emergence of Civil Rights Organizations
Documentary Film: The Strange Career of Jim Crow (producer: Tom Cole, director: David Berman)
Feature Film:   Once Upon a Time when We Were Colored (produced and directed by Tim Reid)
Guest Speakers: Civil Rights Movement veterans Jean Wiley (SNCC 1960-1967 Maryland, Alabama) and Don Jelinek (LCDC, SNCC, SRRP, 1965-68, Alabama, Mississippi)

JULY 16, Local Leadership: SNCC’s concept of decentralized and participatory leadership
Documentary Film: Standing on my Sisters’ Shoulders (directors: Joan and Robert Sadoff, Laura Lipson)
Feature Film: Freedom Song (directed by Phil Alden Robinson)
Guest Speaker: Civil Rights Movement veteran and organizer Mike Miller (SNCC, Mississippi)

JULY 23, Power Structures: Institutionalized inequality and socially-structured repression of dissent
Documentary Film: Murder of Emmett Till (produced and directed by Stanley Nelson)
Feature Film: Murder in Mississippi (directed by Roger Young)
Guest Speaker: School Board member Mark Sanchez (SFUSD)

JULY 30, ACTION DAY: During the first three sessions, students will develop a plan for action on this day.

AUGUST 6, Nonviolence: Its power and its limitations
Documentary Film: A Force More Powerful
(produced and directed by Steve York)
Feature Film: Deacons for Defense (producers: Mark Little and Nick Grillo, director: Bill Duke)
Guest Speaker: Civil Rights Movement veteran Bruce Hartford (CORE, SCLC 1963-67, Alabama, Mississippi)

AUGUST 13, Voter registration: What was accomplished then, what needs to be done today?
Documentary Film: Freedom on My Mind (Producer/Directors Connie Field and Marilyn Mulford)
Feature Film: Iron Jawed Angels (directed by Katja von Garnier)
Guest Speaker: Civil Rights and Womens’ Movement veteran and Chude Allen (Freedom Summer, Mississippi)

AUGUST 20, Arts and protest: How does art foster protest?
Documentary Film: We Shall Overcome (Producer/Director: Jim Brown)
Feature Film: The Cradle Will Rock (produced by Frank Beacham and directed by Tim Robbins)
Guest Speaker: Civil Rights Movement veteran and song leader Wazir Peacock (SNCC, Mississippi & Alabama)