2007 SF Freedom School Curriculum
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JULY 7, Nonviolence and Direct Action: Its Power and its Limitations
Morning: Documentary Film:
A Force More Powerful (30min; Disciplined and strictly nonviolent, black college students in Nashville, Tennessee, successfully desegregated the downtown lunch counters in five months, becoming a model for the entire civil rights movement.)
Morning and Afternoon Guest Speaker: Civil Rights Movement veteran Bruce Hartford (CORE, SCLC 1963-67, Alabama, Mississippi). Bruce will present and discuss the key concepts of nonviolent direct action in the morning and conduct and activity in the afternoon that applies the concepts to current issues.

JULY 14, Local Leadership: Building People Power
Morning: Activity: Leadership Training with Mike Miller, ORGANIZE! Training Center (SNCC, Mississippi and California; Saul Alinsky, Kansas City, MO)
Afternoon Activity: Applying leadership training principles to social action today (SFFS planning committee)

JULY 21, Power Structures: Institutionalized Inequality and Socially-Sanctioned Repression
Morning: Documentary Film: Excerpts from Eyes on the Prized - White Power Structures (60 min)
Guest Speaker: Commissioner Mark Sanchez (SFUSD School Board)
Afternoon Activity: Power Structures: How to analyze and understand them, Kathy Emery (SFFS)

JULY 28,Arts and Protest: How Does Art Foster Protest?
Morning: Interactive theater performance about the women and teen activists in the1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott by Awele Makeba (award winning and internationally known actor, emerging playwright, storyteller, recording artist and educator)
Afternoon: Documentary Film and Discussion: excerpts from We Shall Overcome (documentary film about the history and significance of this famous song)

AUGUST 4, Mississippi Freedom Schools: Education and Social Protest
Morning: Documentary Film: TBD
Guest Speakers: Wazir Peacock (Civil Rights Movement Veteran, SNCC, Mississippi & Alabama) and Allean Richter (1964 Freedom School participant).
Afternoon: Documentary Film and Discussion: excerpts from You Got to Move (film by about Myles Horton and the Highlander Research and Education Center and their influence on different protest movements.)

AUGUST 11, Contradictions Within The Movement: Dealing with Race, Gender and Class within the Context of Movement Building.
Morning: Panel discussion by Civil Rights Veterans including Phil Hutchings (last chair of SNCC), Jean Wiley (SNCC 1960-67 Maryland, Alabama) and Chude Allen (Freedom School Teacher, Mississippi, 1964).
Afternoon Film and Discussion: Freedom on My Mind, excerpts ( documentary film about Freedom Summer) Guest Speakers, Chude Allen and Hardy Frye(SNCC 1964-67, Mississippi)

AUGUST 18,   Did The Movement End? What Was Accomplished, what Continued, what Needs to Be Done?
Morning: Discussion moderated by Chude Allen (Civil Rights Movement veteran and Mississippi Freedom School Teacher) and Cathy Cade(Civil Rights Veteran, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana).
Afternoon: Summary discussion (We will be inviting current activists to this discussion.) and evaluation of summer curriculum.