Below is a somewhat arbitrary list of resources and past examples (by category) of what we did while SFFS was up and running from 2005-2010. Contact me by email if you have any questions about our past work. Last updated July 2016. - KE


ACTIVITIES to download:

History and Lessons of Freedom Summer POWER POINT

Key Components for a social movement to happen- infrastructure, dealing with the contradictions within the mvt, local leadership development, identify the problem, do your homework, coalition building, developing personal relationships, community building, strategic use of nonviolent resistance, strategic use of the arts, right historical moment. Worksheet.

Conference Workshops


  • Developing curriculum for San Francisco Schools
    • Study guides for SFFS movie collection posted on our website
    • Organize conferences for teachers or community members (e.g., MHS Teach-In - pdf)
    • Integrate Civil Rights Veterans' stories into Live Oak Elementary School’s social justice/inter-grade curricula
  • support the Experimental College at SFSU

Community Forums


  • Facilitated discussion after movie at MLK Day at MoAD
  • Project week workshop at Gateway HS, SFUSD
  • Workshop and lending movies for the annual Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival
  • Showed movie and facilitate discussion at Black History Day celebration at the Alice Griffith Opportunity Center
  • Workshop at Kipp King’s (San Lorenzo) Unity Day
  • Workshop at the first annual Free Minds, Free People national conference in Chicago


  • Two days of workshops for adults and youth involved in designing the Chicago Freedom School
  • Mission High School, SFUSD
  • Sanchez Elementary School, SFUSD
  • Live Oak Elementary School, SFUSD
  • History Day, OUSD