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JULY 9,  Setting the stage: Segregation and the emergence of Civil Rights Organizations
Documentary Film: The Strange Career of Jim Crow  (producer: Tom Cole, director: David Berman)
Feature Film:  Once Upon a Time when We Were Colored  (produced and directed by Tim Reid)
Guest  Speakers: Civil Rights Movement veterans Jean Wiley (SNCC 1960-1967 Maryland, Alabama) and Don Jelinek (LCDC, SNCC, SRRP, 1965-68, Alabama, Mississippi)

JULY 16,  Local Leadership: SNCC’s concept of decentralized and participatory leadership
Documentary Film: Standing on my Sisters’ Shoulders (directors: Joan and Robert Sadoff, Laura Lipson)
Feature Film: Freedom Song (directed by Phil Alden Robinson)
Guest Speaker: Civil Rights Movement veteran and organizer Mike Miller (SNCC, Mississippi)

JULY 23,  Power Structures: Institutionalized inequality and socially-structured repression of dissent
Documentary Film: Murder of Emmett Till (produced and directed by Stanley Nelson)
Feature Film: Murder in Mississippi (directed by Roger Young)
Guest Speaker: School Board member Mark Sanchez (SFUSD)

JULY 30,  ACTION DAY: During the first three sessions, students will develop a plan for action on this day.

AUGUST 6,  Nonviolence: Its power and its limitations
Documentary Film: A Force More Powerful (produced and directed by Steve York)
Feature Film: Deacons for Defense (producers: Mark Little and Nick Grillo, director: Bill Duke)
Guest Speaker: Civil Rights Movement veteran Bruce Hartford (CORE, SCLC 1963-67, Alabama, Mississippi)

AUGUST 13, Voter registration: What was accomplished then, what needs to be done today?
Documentary Film: Freedom on My Mind  (Producer/Directors Connie Field and Marilyn Mulford)
Feature Film: Iron Jawed Angels (directed by Katja von Garnier)
Guest Speaker: Civil Rights and Womens’ Movement veteran and Chude Allen (Freedom Summer, Mississippi)

AUGUST 20,  Arts and protest: How does art foster protest?
Documentary Film: We Shall Overcome  (Producer/Director: Jim Brown)
Feature Film: The Cradle Will Rock  (produced by Frank Beacham and directed by Tim Robbins)
Guest Speaker: Civil Rights Movement veteran and song leader Wazir Peacock (SNCC, Mississippi & Alabama)