SFFS co-founders

Sherri Sandra Sylvia Kathy

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide venues for Civil Rights veterans to speak in order to inspire people today to renew their commitment, rekindle their passion, and find greater clarity in promoting social justice in the Bay Area today.

Who we are

We are a constantly changing group of volunteers of different color, class and age who believe in the importance and power of the Civil Rights Movement and want to understand what it means to be active agents of social change today. If you would like to join us, contact us!

Our History

Sherri, Sandra and Kathy met while working with the SF Organizing Project around small school reform from 2000-2004. In February, 2005, four of us came to the conclusion that there was a need for a "freedom school" in San Francisco. We came to this conclusion from different places. Sylvia and Kathy had been working together on Lessons from Freedom Summer. Sherri was working with at-risk youth in the southeast part of SF and with parents concerned about the lack of educational opportunity for their children. Sandra saw that African American children were not learning black history in school and needed a place to learn it from black teachers. Sylvia belongs to St. Francis Lutheran Church and offered to find out if they would house us for that summer. They agreed to do so and we proceeded to lauch our program. From 2005 - 2010, we held a series of six-seven Saturday workshops in July and August for anyone interested in learning about the details of the Civil Rights Movement. Our Summer Program was inspired by the 1964 Freedom School Curriculum. After the summer of 2010, the four co-founders decided to take what they had learned from the six summer sessions and incorporate it within the new directions each had taken. While the SF Freedom Summer Program no longer exists, the SF Freedom School continues to create venues at which the Bay Area Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement (of Northern California) can tell their stories as well as creating workshops for those who wish to offer them. For the upcoming events and workshops please check our BLOG