2009 SF FREEDOM SCHOOL Curriculum
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JULY 11Setting the Stage
Guest Speakers: Chude Allen and Wazir Peacock
Building the relationships, structures, coalitions and hope upon which the Southern Freedom Movement would depend: 1877-1954
Afternoon Activity: Social Movement Bingo using SFFS Timeline

JULY 18The Montgomery Bus Boycott
Morning Guest Performer: Awele Makeba
The emergence of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the creation of the Southern Christian Leadership Council (SCLC): 1955-57
Afternoon movie and discussion: Boycott

JULY 25Sit-Ins and the Freedom Riders
Mornin Guest Speaker: Jean Wiley
The importance of nonviolent direct action and the creation of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC): 1958-62
Afternoon activity: SFFS Board game, then discussion comparing the factors that contributed to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Nashville Sit-ins and the Oscar Grant Movement (as illustrated through board games).

AUGUST 1The Struggle over Strategy and Tactics
Morning Activity with Mike Miller
Mississippi and Alabama: 1960-64
Afternoon Guest speaker and discussion facilitator: Hoover Liddell (his 2009 report to the School Board on the resegregation of SFUSD)

SUMMARY OF AUGUST 1 -- with Wednesday night discussion questions and content

AUGUST 8From Civil Rights to Black Power
Morning Guest Speaker: Stu House (SNCC, COFO, 1964-67, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama)
From Selma, Alabama to Oakland, California: 1962-68
Afternoon Guest Speaker and discussion facilitator: David Frias, SF Living Wage Coalition

AUGUST 15 Did The Movement End?
Morning Guest Speaker: Phil Hutchings (last chair of SNCC)
What was accomplished, what continued, and what still needs to be done?
Afternoon “Fishbowl” with current activist leaders (TBD) facilitated by Awele Makeba