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Edited and Introduced by

Kathy Emery, Sylvia Braselmann, and Linda Reid Gold





Preface: Editors’ Comments 

Introduction: Freedom Summer and the Freedom Schools

Teaching Materials: Questions and Activities


B: Supplementary Documents

Prospectus for the Mississippi Freedom Summer

COFO Flyer: Freedom Summer


COFO Flyer: Freedom Registration

Prospectus for a Summer Freedom School Program

Curriculum Conference Subgroup Report

Outline for Case Studies

Memo to Freedom School Teachers

Overview of the Freedom Schools

Notes on Teaching in Mississippi

Non-Material Teaching Suggestions (excerpt)

Profiles of Typical Freedom Schools

Mississippi Freedom Schools: New Houses of Liberty

Freedom School Data

A Report, mainly on Ruleville

Mississippi Freedom Schools, 1964, 

Examples of Student Work

The Freedom Schools: Concept and Organization

Platform of the Freedom School Convention


C: Freedom School Curriculum

TOC and A Note to the Teacher

I: Academic Curriculum

Reading and Writing Skills

Mathematics (excerpt)


II: Citizenship Curriculum

Unit I: The Negro in Mississippi

Statistics on Education, Housing, Income, Employment and Health

The Poor in America

The South as an Underdeveloped Country

Unit II: The Negro in the North

Triple Revolution

Chester PA

Unit III: Myths about the Negro

Guide to Negro History

In White America (excerpt)

History addendum I

History addendum II

Negro History Study Questions

Negro History Study Questions II   (NEW as of March 5, 2009, thanks to Jan Hillegas in Jackson MS for sending this manscript)

Development of Negro Power since 1900

Unit IV: The Power Structure

Mississippi Power Structure

Power of the Dixiecrats

Nazi Germany

Unit V: Poor whites, poor Negroes and their fears

Hazard, KY

Unit VI: Soul Things and Material Things

Statements of Discipline of Nonviolent Movements

Unit VII: The Movement, Part 1, Freedom rides and sit-ins

Unit VII: The Movement, Part 2, COFO’s Political Program

Readings in Nonviolence

Rifle Squads or the Beloved Community

Voter Registration Laws in Mississippi

Civil Rights Bill

Nonviolence in American History

Behind the Cotton Curtain

Teaching Material for Unit VII, Part 2