List of Documentary Films by Category
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Documentary Films by Category (not in any order w/in categ.)

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Slavery and the Making of America (4 x 55min, 2005)
Slave Catchers, Slave Resisters (95 min, 2005)
Unchained Memories: Slave Narratives (75 min, 2003)
Nat Turner: Troublesome Property (55 min, 2004)
The Underground Railroad (95 min, 1999)
Freedom Bound: The Undergroun RR
Reconstruction – The Second Civil War (2x90 min, 2004)
The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow
Ku Klux Klan: A Secret History (50 min, 2005)
An Unlikely Friendship (30 min, 2004)
The Promised Land  (1995):
--Vol 1: Take me to Chicago (90 min)
--Vol 2: A Dream Deferred (90 min)
--Vol 3: Strong Men Keep A-comin’ On (45 min)
History of Black Achievement (8x28 min, 2005)
Fundi: The Story of Ella Baker (45 min, 1981)

The Black Press: Soldiers without Swords (98 min, 1989)
African American Lives (4x55 min, 2005)
Shared History (56 min, 2006)
Benjamin Davis and the Tuskegee Airmen (30 min)
           and The 54th Massachusetts (25min)
A Distant Shore: African Americans of D-Day (55 min, 2007
The People Speak
Shared History
Faubourg Treme (History of New Orlreans Black district)
Soul of Justice: Thelton Henderson's American Journey


Eyes on the Prize I (6 x 60 min, 1987)
Vol. 1: AWAKENINGS (1954-1956)
Vol. 2: FIGHTING BACK (1957-1962)
Vol. 3: AIN’T SCARED OF YOUR JAILS (1960-1961)
Vol. 4: NO EASY WALK (1962-1966)
Vol. 6: BRIDGE TO FREEDOM (1965)
Eyes on the Prize II (6 x 60 min, 1987)
Vol. 7: THE TIME HAS COME (1964-1966)
Vol. 8: TWO SOCIETIES (1965-1968)
Vol. 9: POWER! (1966-1968)
Vol. 10: THE PROMISED LAND (1967-1968)

Vol. 11: AIN'T GONNA SHUFFLE NO MORE (1964-1972)
Vol. 12: A NATION OF LAW? (1968-1971)
Vol. 13: THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM (1974-80)
Vol. 14: BACK TO THE MOVEMENT (1969-mid 1980's)

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow:
Volume I (1865 - 1896)
Volume II (1896- 1917)
Volume III (1917 - 1940)
Volume IV (1940 - 1954)

Mississippi, America (60 min, 1995)
The Murder of Emmett Till (53 min, 2003)
The Untold Story of Emmett Till
With all Deliberate Speed (120 min, 2004)
Standing on my Sisters Shoulders (60 min, 2002)
4 Little Girls (120 min, 1997)
Freedom on my Mind (110 min, 1994)
Freedom Summer (45 min, 2006)
Fundi: The Story of Ella Baker (45 min, 1981)
The Long Walk To Freedom (30 min, 2004)
Malcolm X's 1964 Harlem speech: Housing and Self-Defense
A Time for Justice (38 min, 2004)
February One: The Story of the Greensboro Four (55min, 2005)
July 64: Race Riots in Rochester, NY (55 min, 2005)
Sisters of Selma (55 min, 2007)
Home of the Brave—Viola Liuzzo (60 min, 2004)
Decisions that shook the World: LBJ and the CRM (60 min, 2004)
Never Lose Sight of Freedom (Selma to Montgomery March)
Hoxie: The Last Stand
A Class Apart: Hernandez v. Texas
Short Documentaries on Civil Rights:
-- Voices of Freedom (First Amendment Freedoms; Struggle for Equal Rights),
-- A History of US: Let Freedom Ring,
-- MLK: The Making of a Dream
Murder in Black and White: the Dorseys and Malcolms and Lamar Smith
Murder in Black and White: Willie Edwards and George Lee
Before Rosa: The Unsung Contribution of Sara Mae FLemming
Come Walk in my Shoes
Let Freedom Sing
We Shall Not Be Moved
Scarred Justice: the 1968 Orangeburg Massacre
Neshoba: The Price of Freedom


Struggles in Steel (58 min, 1996)  
Miles of Smiles, Years of Struggle (58 min, 1983)
The Fight in the Fields: Cesar Chavez and the Farm Workers’ Struggle (116 min, 1996)
You Got to Move (87 min, 1985)
Briars in the Cotton Patch—The Story of Koinonia Farm (60 min, 2005)
Harlan County

THE SIXTIES and Seventies

Black Panters (Off the Pig, org.) (15 min., 1969)
San Francisco State: On Strike (20 min., 1969)
The War at Home (100 min, 1979)
Berkeley in the Sixties (117 min, 1990)
Rebels with a Cause (109 min, 2000)
The Sixties – The Years That Shaped a Generation (115 min, 2005)
All Power to the People (115 min, 1995)
Lords of the Revolution
The FBI’s War on Black America (50 min, 1989)
The Battle of Algiers (125 min, 1965)
Bastards of the Party
Fists of Freedom
The Times of Harvey Milk
No Vietnamese Ever Called Me Nigger
Viva La Causa


Frederick Douglass Biography (55 min, 2005)
Thurgood Marshall: Justice for All (50 min, 2004)
Citizen King (156 min, 1998)
Martin Luther King: The Man and the Dream (55 min, 2004)
Fannie Lou Hamer: Courage and Faith (30 min, 2006)
Negroes with Guns: Robert F. Williams and Black Power (53 min, 2005)
Malcolm X: Make it Plain (145 min, 1994)
Malcolm X Biography (60 min, 1987)
Brother Outsider: Bayard Rustin (83 min, 2002,)
Biographies: Mae Carter, Irene Morgan,  Ruby and Ossie Davis, Bill Russel (40 min, 2007)
Chisholm 72: Unbought and Unbossed (80 min, 2005)
Wilder: An American First (60 min, 2005)
Forgotten Genius (2007, 110 min)
Susan B. Anthony (45min)

The People Speak
Biographies: Mae Carter, Irene Morgan, Ruby and Ossie Davis; Bill Russell
Fundi: The Story of Ella Baker (45 min, 1981)
Soul of Justice: Thelton Henderson's American Journey
Looking for Langston
Civil Rights Heroes: Mae Carter; Bill Russell; Irene Morgan; Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis


A Force More Powerful (6 x 30 min, 2000)
Race: The Power of an Illusion (3 x 55 min, 2003)
--Episode 1: The Difference Between Us
--Episode 2: The Story We Tell
--Episode 3: The House We Live In
This Far By Faith (6 x 60 min, 2004)
-- Episode 1: There is a River
-- Episode 2: God is a Negro
-- Episode 3: Guide My Feet
-- Episode 4: Freedom Faith
-- Episode 5: Inheritors of the Faith
-- Episode 6: Rise Up and Call Their Names
America Beyond the Color Line (4x58 min, 2005)
JFK, RFK, MLK Conference Panels (2x90 min, 2006)
In Depth: Taylor Branch Discussing
Civil Rights (180 min, 2006
Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later (70 min, 2007)
Social Action Studies: Teaching the Amistad Case
Road to Mississippi: Reclaiming Our History (30 min, 2007)
Shared History
Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story
Neshoba: The Price of Freedom


We Shall Overcome (58 min, 1990)
Strange Fruit (57 min, 2002)
Harlem Renaissance: The Music and Rhythms that Started a Cultural Revolution (75 min, 2004)
Get up Stand up: The Story of Pop and Protest (120 min, 2005)
Scandalize my Name: Stories from the Blacklist (54 min, 2004)
Langston Hughes: The Dream Keeper (60 min, 2000)
Looking For Langston (45 min, 1988)
James Baldwin Biography (45 min, 2004)
The Songs are Free: Bernice Johnson Reagon and Bill Moyers (58 min, 1995)
Ella Fitzgerald: Something to Live for (128 min, 1999)
Billy Strayhorn: Lush Life (90 min, 2007)
The Weavers (75 min, 1982)
Bob Dylan: No Direction Home (207 min, 2005)
New Orleans Black Indians: A Case Study in the Arts (30 min, 1994)
Road to Mississippi: Reclaiming Our History (30 min, 2007)
New Orleans Black Indians
Let Freedom Sing


Voting in America (ca 60 min, 2004)
Granny D Goes to Washington (30 min, 2006)
Howard Zinn—You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train (78 min, 2004)
Noam Chomsky—Manufacturing Consent (167 min, 1993)
Frontline: The Betrayal of Democracy (120 min, 1992)
Frontline: The Dark Side (90 min, 2006)
The Corporation (145 min, 2004)
Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election (90 min, 2004)
Unconstitutional: The War on our Civil Liberties (66 min, 2004)
Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later (70 min, 2007)
Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism (114min, 2004)
Hoop Dreams (171 min, 1994)
Tom Brokaw Reports: Separate and Unequal (55 min, 2006)
A Southern Town (55 min, 2004)
When the Levees Broke: A Requiem  in Four Acts (240 min, 2006)
American Experience: New Orleans (110 min, 2007)
Bastards of the Party (100 min, 2006)
Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes (60 min, 2007))
The Hip Hop Project
Girl Trouble: Three Girls in the SF Juvenile Justice System (60 min, 2006)
Food Justice
An Inconvenient Truth (90 min, 2006)
March of the Penguins (90 min, 2006)
Call to Witness
The Garden
Homeland: Four Portraits of Native Action
Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad (A Little Bit of So Much Truth)
Al Otro Lado
American Blackout
The Oil Factor
Unnatural Causes
Weapons of Mass Deception