Resources on Standardized Testing and its Alternatives


last updated July 2016


James Popham, F for Assessment
more detail at: James Popham, The Truth About Testing. Read chapters 3 and 4 online by going to Publications  > Books  > Browse by Author

Don Arnstine, Democracy and the Arts of Schooling

In Will Standards Save Public Schools, Debbie Meier proposes six alternative assumptions to the high stakes testing agenda

Alfie Kohn's website

Craig Gordon, What Does "Privatization of Public Schools" Mean?

Howard Berlak, History of NCLB

Howard Berlak, A Testing Bill of Rights

Howard Berlak, From Local Control to Government and Corporate Takeover of School Curriculum: The No Child Left Behind Act and the ëReading Firstí program.

Harold Berlak, Does the No Child Left Behind Act and State Testing Mandates Improve Schools and Increase Educational Opportunity? 

Harold Berlak  A People's Guide to High-Stakes Testing in California 2006-7  (pdf file)       

LynNell Hancock , How Are the Kids?  Reporters need to look INSIDE the classroom!!!!

Nel Noddings, Thinking About Standards in Phi Delta Kappan , November 1997,  pp. 184-189.

Reading and Tests: Grade Equivalent v Grade Level. Brief discussion on ca-resisters listserv.


Deborah Meier, Will Standards Save Public Schools
In Standards, Meier proposes six alternative assumptions to the high stakes testing agenda
Don Arnstine's Democracy and the Arts of Schooling

OTHER RELEVANT RESOURCES (see also these links as well.)

Susan Ohanian

National Center for Fair and Open Testing   (FairTEST)
See NCTE position statements

Stephen Krashen
Joint Committee on Testing Practices

C-5. Encourage test users to base decisions about test takers on multiple sources of appropriate information, not on a single test score. C-5. Avoid using a single test score as the sole determinant of decisions about test takers. Interpret test scores in conjunction with other information about individuals.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development  

Alternative Assessment:
Performance Assessment
The Learning Record

Authentic Curriculum:
Nantional Council of Teachers of English
Project 2061 (science)
Radical Math
Interactive Mathematics Program
The Algebra Project